Record Retrieval Integrations

National Record Retrieval is able to efficiently and quickly obtain the medical records that you need to prove your personal injury cases. However, this effort would be worthless unless we were able to allow you to access those files at any time.

Many personal injury law firms, no matter how big or small, rely on case management systems to track their files and maintain their calendars. With this in mind, we have programmed our record retrieval service to be fully integrated with a number of case management systems. These include SmartAdvocate, Law Ruler, Filevine, Litify, and Casepacer. Therefore, as soon as your records are available, they are ready for your firm’s needs.

Our Software Works to Seamlessly Integrate into the Leading Case Management Tools

Most personal injury firms will rely on case management systems to properly keep track of caseloads, individual tasks, and key documents. To this end, our record retrieval services are prepared to directly integrate into most major case management services.

We have taken the necessary steps to ensure proper formatting with these systems. This means that you can rest assured that you will be able to view the documents with clarity, download them as necessary, and seamlessly insert them into demand letters or other communications.

Why is Record Retrieval Integration So Important?

Timing is everything when you have a personal injury practice. At the most direct level, you will need to adhere to your state’s relevant statute of limitation laws. Especially if you have received a client through a referral from another attorney, the time may be running short to submit a demand for settlement or to file a complaint in civil court. Having fully integrated medical records present in your case management systems as quickly as possible helps to ensure that those records are available when you are under pressure to submit accurate documentation.

Having fully integrated medical records also helps you to provide better customer service for your clients. Being able to provide timely updates to plaintiffs or prepare presentations that explain your legal strategy is made much easier when you are able to quickly pull up medical records. In sum, our record retrieval service’s ability to integrate with your case management system can save significant time and stress.

Discover How Our Record Retrieval Integrations Can Make Your Life Easier

Having on-demand access to medical records is essential for an effective personal injury practice. This not only helps an attorney produce accurate demand letters and complaints, but also results in better customer service for clients and a more efficient workspace.

To further this goal, many personal injury firms use case management systems such as Litify, Filevine, Law Ruler, or SmartAdvocate. We are pleased to tell you that our medical record retrieval service is fully integrated with each of these systems. This means that when you retain our services to retrieve your clients’ records, you will be able to access them directly from your case management portals. This can save significant time and money. Contact us today to learn more about record retrieval integration and why this is a key feature that helps our customers continue to thrive.