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Attorneys who work in a variety of practice areas depend on the quick and accurate acquisition of medical records to do their job. This includes lawyers who represent individual clients in personal injury cases, those who attempt to obtain disability benefits for injured or ill individuals, or those seeking to pursue massive class action or mass tort cases.

Any attorney practicing in these areas will say that one of the most frustrating and time-consuming aspects of their job is obtaining medical records. Even if an attorney receives permission from a client to act on their behalf, different medical offices retain their own procedures and policies concerning the release of medical information. Lawyers and their staff could spend dozens of hours a week tracking down, sorting, and cataloging medical documents.

Working with a national medical record retrieval service for lawyers will help ease this burden. Our service takes the lead in contacting the relevant providers, preparing and submitting official requests for documentation, following up with the provider until records are received, paying the provider for records, and making them available on our online portal so the attorney and staff can access from the office or mobile device.

Technology at Work

Our responsive web application supports all modern browsers for Mac and PC, including most mobile devices.

We integrate with many of the popular case management systems.

Give us a call to find out how you can leverage our technology & security to manage client medical records and other case-related files.

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Due to our automated 3-way follow up approach, we guarantee the best turnaround time in the business.
Good use of technology creates better workflow efficiencies. We leverage technology to streamline the record-ordering process and pass the savings on to you through affordable pricing.
All data is encrypted using 256-bit Rijndael (AES) encryption, recognized as the standard for protecting sensitive data for government and military-grade applications.

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It is all about speed, and we built a database with that in mind. We use a three-touchpoint follow up approach. Our database autofaxes & emails all providers, while our live call center follows up weekly.
Our investment in great technology allows us to be much more efficient, so we pass on the savings to our clients. We charge one low price without all the hidden fees that our competitors like to layer into their offerings.
The records that we collect are stored securely within our system. Not only do we strictly follow HIPAA Compliance, we take security to the next level. Our website uses 256 bit encryption, four times the security of online banking. We not only encrypt the website, but each document is encrypted with the same security.
Our technology is able to integrate with many of the case management systems. Give us a call to find out how you can utilize our technology & security in your current case management application.

Testimonials - What Our
Clients Say

After having bad luck with retrieval companies, decided to give NRR a try. Been using NRR for several years and could not be happier. Great customer service and turnaround time. I highly recommend them for anyone that has been frustrated with the medical record process
Joe T.
Founded by and operated by individuals focused on customer first AND progressive office environments. An amazing dedication to their clients as well as vendors is shown to the fullest degree. They not only respect and value their clients, their time, and their needs; they value their employees to the same...
Nikki G.

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Medical records are key pieces of evidence in many legal cases. They may prove the extent of a person’s injuries after a car crash or connect the losses of multiple parties following exposure to an unsafe chemical in class action cases. Finally, records may form the basis of a claim for disability or workers’ compensation benefits.

Our national medical record retrieval service for lawyers could help your firm save time and money. We will take the lead in contacting the relevant providers, obtaining records in a way that makes them easy for you to access. Allow us to take the lead. Contact National Record Retrieval today to learn more about how we can help you.

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