Secure SOC 2 Compliant

The concept of cybersecurity, especially as it applies to data in the cloud, has become a major issue in every industry. Companies have come to expect that they will be able to retrieve data and medical records at a moment’s notice. At the same time, they want assurances that this data will remain secure and free from theft or tampering.

The gold standard for cloud data security is achieving SOC 2 compliance. Receiving this certification provides confidence for our customers that their clients’ data is safe in our hands. Because our record retrieval company is constantly vigilant in retaining a secure service that is SOC 2 compliant, you can be assured that we will take every necessary step to protect your relevant data.

What is SOC 2 Compliance?

SOC 2 compliance describes the goals for companies that store data in the cloud. Because this data floats in the ether and is not present on hard drives or moving through wires, it is especially vulnerable to hacking or other forms of cybercrime. A company that achieves SOC 2 compliance has demonstrated that they have taken all possible steps to secure cloud data. It can be helpful to imagine SOC 2 compliance as containing four separate elements. These are:

  1. Vigilance: We constantly monitor our systems for known online threats as well as new, uncatalogued attempts at breaching security.
  2. Timely alerts to possible breaches: If a suspected security breach does occur, we act quickly to identify the potential issue and take appropriate action to prevent or limit the damage.
  3. Reporting the source and reasons for a breach: If a breach does happen, our IT teams can act to track that breach, identify the reasons why it occurred, and take the necessary steps to provide protection against the next attempt.
  4. Creating a forensic trail: We thoroughly catalog every attempted data breach on our site. This helps us learn from potential vulnerabilities, as well as assist law enforcement in potential prosecution.

In short, having a secure service that is SOC 2 compliant involves constant vigilance, learning from mistakes, and actively striving to keep client data safe.

Why SOC 2 Compliance is Vital to Your Law Practice

When most people imagine the concept of medical record retrieval services, they think that the main benefit will be that our company obtains the records on your behalf. While it is true that this can save significant time and resources, the fact is that none of this would be possible without sufficient security. Indeed, what is the point of having medical records online in a convenient portal if we were unable to keep those records safe and confidential?

The fact that our company’s cloud services are SOC 2 compliant provides our customers with peace of mind. SOC 2 means that there is a minimal chance of data breaches that could result in a loss of client data, theft of personal information, or erasure of medical records. This means that our customers can rest assured that we have the necessary tools to provide a secure service.

Acquire Your Records Through a Secure Service That is SOC 2 Compliant

One major and understandable concern that our customers have is how we work to keep their data safe. Because our service operates in the cloud, it has the potential to be more vulnerable to data theft than traditional means of storage. However, you should be confident that we have taken every possible step to keep your information and client records safe.

These efforts combine to make us SOC 2 compliant. This represents continual efforts to monitor possible threats, have real-time alerts to breach attempts, tracking the sources of breaches, and creating forensic trails to improve long-term security. Contact us today to discover more about how we are dedicated to online security.