Pursuing Truvada Lawsuits with the Aid of a Record Retrieval Service

Medical science has made significant progress in the treatment and prevention of HIV. Among these breakthroughs are HIV PrEP drugs such as Truvada that help prevent the transmission of the virus. Sadly, these drugs can come with significant side effects.

Recent information reveals that consumers of Truvada can experience severe symptoms such as kidney, liver, or bone density problems. In a recent lawsuit, plaintiffs allege that the maker of Truvada – Gilead Sciences, Inc. – failed in their obligation to produce a safe medication.

National Record Retrieval is dedicated to helping lawyers aiming to pursue these lawsuits on behalf of clients. We can take the lead to obtain the relevant medical records that you need to prove liability while you focus on the legal aspects of your cases.

Truvada and Potential Side Effects

In an article published in Drugwatch, it states that there is a significant frequency of side effects connected to people who took Truvada. While most of these side effects are relatively mild, a significant portion of people endure damage to their kidneys, liver, and bone density. In the most extreme examples, patients experienced acute renal failure, significant osteoporosis, and even a worsening of existing infections.

Lawsuits against Gilead Sciences, Inc. allege that Gilead knew that a key ingredient in Truvada resulted in significant kidney damage. If true, this may mean that Gilead is liable for the injuries or deaths of their customers. If your law firm is considering filing one of these lawsuits, you will need to obtain substantial medical records related to your clients’ medical care prior to, during, and after taking this medication. Our company is ready to step in on your behalf.

Assisting Lawyers in the Acquisition of Medical Records

As attorneys, your role is to protect the legal rights of your clients and seek out the compensation that they need for their losses. You should dedicate every hour on the job towards this goal. However, many parts of the legal profession become time-sinks or distract employees from what is important. Seeking out and requesting medical records is a key example of this.

Especially in lawsuits that may involve clients from around the country, it is important to know the protocols and procedures of hospitals and doctor’s offices when it comes to record retrieval. We take care of this research for you.

Once you bring us on, you can be sure that our efforts will be thorough and efficient. We work to obtain your client’s permission to contact medical providers and submit the necessary documentation to every medical records department. As soon as you have a list of medical providers, we can obtain the records and present them to you in an easy-to-understand and accessible portal. In short, we can take the stress out of this time-consuming process of medical record retrieval.

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Plaintiffs seeking to help clients to recover compensation from drugmakers face an uphill battle. They will need to thoroughly investigate the medication and its testing process. They also need to connect a client’s injuries or illnesses to their taking of the medication. Each step in this process requires a thorough examination of the client’s medical records. This could necessitate contacting medical providers and hospitals around the country.

From day one, we can manage the permission structure, identify the exact processes used for each medical provider, and work swiftly to obtain the relevant information. Lawsuits involving the drug Truvada are difficult and you should use all of your available time working on the case. Reach out to us today and learn how we can assist you.