NRR’s Integration with Litify Will Simplify Your Record-Gathering Process

Litify and National Record Retrieval have integrated a two-way system that can aid a user in streamlining a medical record request. Additionally, you will also be able to access NRR’s portal to see the status of your request and can track any document. We aim to make the process as easy as possible for you and this integration is a big step forward in that regard.

How to Create Requests in Litify

A user will be able to create requests from Litify and get them processed through NRR with this integration. There will be an option to search with a specific date in mind and the ability to narrow down a search based on other specifications, such as medical record subtypes. You will also be able to request medical bills, images, labs, and other documents.

How to Enter Patient and Provider Details

The system allows you to search for records by inputting a number of pieces of record information, such as:

  • The patient’s legal name that appears on the records
  • The patient’s DOB
  • The patient’s SSN (Optional)
  • The patient’s case number or identifier (Optional)
  • Additional notes you wish to include with your order (Optional)
  • The patient’s HIPAA release form
  • Dates of service
  • Provider by name or address (you can also add a new provider if they do not appear in the system already)
  • Record type (medical, labs, x-ray, billing)
  • Identifying a certain request as a Rush

There are many different types of medical records – and you can specify which kinds you are looking for. When you click on the “Medical” icon, a larger checklist of record sub-types will appear, such as abstracts, fetal monitoring strips, nurse notes, diagnostic reports, and many others. Then hit “Save and Close” to continue. Specifying the sub-types you are interested in will not only save you time by omitting unnecessary documents, but it will also save you money in the process.

Once all of the relevant information is included, click the “Add Provider to This Order” button.

Submitting and Tracking an Order

Once you are satisfied with the result, clicking the green “Submit Order” will submit an order and finish the process. If you are not ready to submit, you can simply select the yellow “Save Order” button to save the information and re-visit it later once you have all the information you need. Once we have your request, you can then click the blue “Order Status” button to check where you request is in the process.

While your request is pending, you can also send a message to the provider and see a timeline of updates. That timeline also includes projected follow-up notices. We utilize an intelligent call scheduling process which factors in previous action, turnaround times, and method of delivery to determine when to follow up with a specific request.

How NRR will Process Your Records

NRR will ensure that all providers are verified, prepare request packets to be sent, interact with copy services, take care of provider fees, digitize records received, and chase down any missing requested records. We take the hassle out of record requests so that you can focus on the important work of your case. Please contact us to learn more about our service.