Helping Lawyers Pursue Cases on Behalf of the Victims of Birth Injuries

A mother holding a newborn baby's hand.

Some of the most intensive and important personal injury cases are those that result from medical malpractice. These cases require a thorough examination of medical records and a comparison of a doctor’s actions against the expected standards in the medical community.

At the core of these cases are the medical records themselves. When a child’s birth has resulted in injuries such as necrotizing enterocolitis, you and your experts will need every advantage. Our group is prepared to obtain the medical records you need to form an initial evaluation about the claim, help your expert prepare their official records, and determine the liability of doctors, nurses, and hospitals.

Birth Injury Cases Require a Full Medical Record

Doctors performing any form of treatment on a patient must keep extensive medical records. This informs other practitioners about a patient’s history and also allows for an examination of that doctor’s steps in the event that an injury occurs. For children suffering from birth injuries such as necrotizing enterocolitis, these records may also contain the information necessary to pursue medical malpractice cases.

Medical malpractice cases allege that a doctor, nurse, or other figure at a hospital allowed an injury to occur by failing to provide care consistent with accepted medical standards. The key evidence in this case will be the patient’s medical records. These should provide an accurate picture of a doctor’s decisions that allow your expert to form an educated opinion about the case. Our organization is prepared to contact any doctor and hospital on behalf of your clients to obtain these records in a thorough and efficient manner.

Conforming with all Relevant State and Federal Privacy Laws

All patients have the right to privacy concerning their medical history. The federal Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPPA, states that only the patients themselves or relevant guardians have the ability to access this information. Many states have equivalent laws on the books that extend these protections even further. A major part of medical record retrieval involves conforming with these laws.

Our team works to ensure compliance with all relevant privacy laws. This includes obtaining correct consent from every patient (or their legal guardian) and following the processes in place for all hospital and doctor records departments. In addition, our portal that provides lawyers and staff access these records allows for continued HIPPA compliance. From the starting phase of obtaining patient consent to providing records in a safe and secure portal, we are ready to provide services that are both efficient and compliant with privacy laws.

Let National Record Retrieval Take the Lead to Obtain Medical Records for Your Birth Injury Clients

The focus of your law firm’s work should be to obtain maximum compensation for your clients. Especially when pursuing cases centering around medical malpractice that resulted in birth injuries, it is essential to have a complete picture of the choices made by defendant doctors and hospitals, and the impact of those choices on your clients.

The only way to achieve this is to obtain medical records. Sadly, this can be a difficult process that involves dealing with stubborn medical record departments. Let our group take on this task so you can keep your attention on your clients, where it belongs.

We work on your behalf to obtain client permission to access those records and contact hospitals and doctors directly. We also take every necessary step to remain HIPPA compliant and provide those records in a secure and convenient portal. Reach out to us now to learn more.